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Fall Colors/Waterfall Tour – October 1 & 2 – Location Change

Fall Colors/Waterfall Tour – October 1 & 2 – Location Change

Did you know that Iowa has beautiful waterfalls? Our 2016 Fall Colors Tour has a theme this year, and it is waterfalls. Our tour will begin on October 1 at BMW of Des Moines and will end on October 2 at noon. The tour will wind through northeast Iowa with stops scheduled to view the beautiful waterfalls of northeast Iowa. A brief lunch stop is scheduled on Saturday and our overnight and dinner stop will be in Fennimore, WI, Wisconsin. Dinner plans are being made and will be in another e-mail to follow. WE... 

Tire Rack Street Survival – Des Moines Valley Region SCCA October 8

Tire Rack Street Survival – Des Moines Valley Region SCCA October 8

We use your own car to teach you about its handling limits and how you can control them. The students will become more observant of the traffic situation they find themselves in. They will learn to look far enough ahead to anticipate unwise actions of other drivers. As the students master the application of physics to drive their cars, they will make fewer unwise driving actions themselves. They will understand why they should always wear their own seatbelts, and why they should insist that their... 

BMW Informal Social at 6:30 PM – Hessen Haus – October 11

BMW Informal Social at 6:30 PM – Hessen Haus – October 11

One of the best selections of German beers on tap in the United States.  Read More →

President’s Article September 2016

President’s Article  September 2016

I have been working on my own cars from the time I was 14 years old, which is now more than forty years. Like me, many of you have also worked on your favorite automobile because of the enjoyment obtained from this pastime. But many of us also work on our beloved cars to make the hobby more economical and possible to enjoy our cars. For many of us, when we were young, it was a necessity to do our own work because of the lack of funds. But for many of us and as we have grown older, our car hobby is... 

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