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BMW Informal Social at 6:30 PM – Mullets – April 9

BMW Informal Social at 6:30 PM – Mullets – April 9

An American Riverside Roadhouse with a 2 Level Patio, great Views of Downtown with water views, American fare & cocktails, Large Outdoor Fun Area and all your favorite sports heroes…in mullets. Celebrating all things about the hairstyle that’s business in the front and party in the back.

Spring Drive to Czech Village, Cedar Rapids, IA – April 13

Spring Drive to Czech Village, Cedar Rapids, IA – April 13

The 2019 edition of the Annual Spring Drive will begin in Des Moines and end in Cedar Rapids at the Czech Village/NewBo City Market areas on April 13, 2019.

The spring tour Meet up at BMW of Des Moines at 9:00 am and wind its way towards Tama here the tour will stop for lunch at the Meskwaki Casino. We hope to be a the casino between 11:15 and 11:30 for folks meeting us at this point in the trip. Attendees will be able to choose from the buffet lunch or the family style café, and also spend time in the casino.

The tour will then progress towards Cedar Rapids with the final destination of the Czech Village and NewBo area of the city. In the Czech Village and NewBo areas, attendees will be able to visit many unique shops and museums located in and around the Czech Village and NewBo Market areas.

BMW Informal Social at 6:30 PM – Zombie Burger, Des Moines – May 14

BMW Informal Social at 6:30 PM – Zombie Burger, Des Moines – May 14

Famous for inventive flavor combos in a “post apocalyptic chic” setting, Zombie Burger serves fast food with a culinary edge. A GOREmet eatery evoking classic roadside burger stands of the 1970s, the restaurant pairs fresh ingredients with expert preparation. Zombie Burger features its own custom three-cut beef burger blend, specially-crafted artisan buns and hand-mixed shakes – and a commitment to producing the best burger anywhere.

300 E Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA 50309

Novice Introduction – Lunch and Learn – This event has been postponed – Check back for new date and time

Novice Introduction – Lunch and Learn – This event has been postponed – Check back for new date and time

Have you ever watched road course racing such as “Rolex 24 at Daytona”, “12 Hours of Sebring” or “Road America” and thought, I would like to see how it feels to be on the track?  Well, one choice would be to sign up for a ride at the track with a professional driver at the wheel.  I did this at Laguna Seca in Monterey, CA during the 2016 BMW CCA Oktoberfest.  It was a thrill to go around the track in an M4 at track speed.  It was hard to stop smiling.  But the experience behind the wheel of your own car at a driving school has an appeal of its own.  You develop a greater understanding of how your car reacts at track speeds, which translates to the street.

Our school is a combination of on track driving and classroom time.  The classroom section will talk about car control and safe driving habits.  New attendants are encouraged to ask questions and learn from the instructor and fellow classmates.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions about how your car is handling on the track and how to improve your driving.  If you like to work on your car, you will also have to time to chat with fellow participants about how they have prepared their cars for the track.

As a novice, you will have an experienced instructor in the car with you through the twists and turns of the track.  You progress at your own pace when it comes to speed on the track.   Much of the first day is not about going fast but learning the track, i.e., when to brake, when to accelerate and where to steer.  The track at Raceway Park of the Midlands, where we traditionally hold our events, is full of curves that one needs to take at slower speeds when learning.  Slower speeds translate to 25 to 40 miles an hour.  You are there to learn at your own pace with the assistance of your instructor and the speed is at your discretion.  However, you should know that if you decide you want to go all out in an unsafe manner, your instructor will rein you in or the track safety workers will flag you off the track.  This is not a racing school; rather, it is a controlled performance driving school.  At the end of the first day you would be amazed at how much quicker you can make it around the track.  Your instructor will tell you:  “smooth is fast;” this wisdom has applications in your daily driving when you need to respond to the person texting and drifting into your lane.  On day two, you will apply those new skills you learned on day one.  You will feel more at ease and this translates into faster speeds around the track.

You might have a couple of questions, such as:

I am afraid I will damage my car or get in an accident.

If you can survive rush hour in Des Moines traffic you can participate in a track school.  When you are on the track with people who are actually paying attention to driving, you are safer than when you drive on the street.  Remember, you have an instructor to insure that you are not putting yourself into dangerous situations.  As far as wear and tear on your vehicle, if it passed the safety inspection, then a little wear on the brakes and tires are what you can expect from a weekend on the track.

What type of cars can participate?

Almost any street-legal car that is not a convertible, SUV, pickup, etc.   All makes are welcome.  You will need to have the car inspected for event use beforehand.  We usually make arrangements at several locations throughout Iowa to get a free inspection of your car.  In the Des Moines area, this is usually at BMW of Des Moines.

Who should attend a driving school?

Anyone who drives.   We can all improve our driving skills and the school provides excellent training on car awareness and control.

If you would like to learn more, come out to our tech session “Novice Introduction to Driving School” and we can explain in depth about the school and answer your questions.  The event will be March 30 from 12:00 to 2:00 pm for a “Lunch and Learn at Mama Lacona’s.”

The address is:  Mama Lacona’s Italian Restaurant, 3825 121st St., Urbandale, IA 50323.

Even if you are simply curious, join us for the food and friendship.

Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet at 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM- Christopher’s Restaurant – March 23

Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet at 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM- Christopher’s Restaurant – March 23

The 2019 Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet will be held March 23, 2019 at Christopher’s, located at 2816 Beaver Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa.

Christopher’s has been a Des Moines tradition for over 50 years. On February 1, 1963, Joe and Red Giudicessi became the owners of a quaint restaurant in the Beaverdale area of Des Moines. Under their steady watch, Christopher’s has become one of Des Moines’ favorite locations

Christopher’s, known for its excellent Italian-American cuisine, friendly staff and an atmosphere fitting of any occasion.

Our speaker this year will be Mike Renner from the BMW Performance Center with locations in Greenville, South Carolina and Thermal, California.

Mike Renner is a professional driver for BMW and is responsible for corporate sales and the BMW Performance Center in Greenville South Carolina. He began racing in 1983 and Mike has competed in a variety of classes including GT, showroom stock, improved touring and sports racers for the past 27 years. He started instructing at the BMW Performance Center just after it’s opening in the fall of 1999 and his list of trainees includes new drivers, racers, F.B.I agents and Secret Service members who are assigned the task of presidential protection. Mike received international instructor certification in basic, advanced, advanced M vehicles, intensive, perfection, and racetrack. Included in Mike’s duties as a driver for BMW is the opportunity to drive BMW racecars from their historic fleet.

For more information on Mike check out this site:

The social hour will begin at 6:30 pm with dinner to follow at 7:00 pm. Cost for this year’s dinner and awards banquet will be $40. Watch the club website and club emails for information on this year’s speaker. Registration will be by mail or on-line through More information about on-line registration can be found at

For more information, please contact David Brighton at or 515-570-5549.

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