President’s Article January 2018

As you may have discovered lately, I have been writing about facts pertaining to our Iowa BMW Club that may not be known or apparent to all of our members. This month I will address two little-known club topics.

Our Iowa BMW CCA Board of Directors voted to add a web store to our website allowing our members the option to purchase merchandise with the Iowa BMW CCA logo embroidered. At the bottom of our homepage, you will notice a box labeled “BMW Club Merchandise.” By clicking on this box, you will be redirected the Lands’ End secure web store. From there, you will have the option to place our Iowa BMW CCA logo on thousands of items found in the Land’s End catalog. Your order of Iowa Club merchandise will be shipped directly to you from the manufacturer.

The second topic is one of member recruitment. In order to keep our club viable and an asset to local BMW owners, we must constantly recruit new members as older or non interested members leave the club. Often, you may run into a BMW owner when we are out in public, and proclaim the advantages of belonging to the Iowa BMW CCA. It has always been difficult to help strangers get registered to become a new member, but the National office has just put in place a method to make this process easier for current members. The first step is to log into your account on the National website and print out your membership card. The back of this card includes a type of barcode in which a potential new member can scan with their cell phone or other mobile device. If a member joins by scanning the code, each of you will automatically be given credit in the membership

Hope to see you at one of our events soon.

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