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BMW CCA Foundation Capital Campaign and BMW CCA $250,000 Challenge Grant

BMW CCA Foundation Capital Campaign and BMW CCA $250,000 Challenge Grant

BMW CCA Foundation’s Capital Campaign is in full swing and here is a great opportunity for BMW CCA members to participate through a $250,000 matching funds Challenge Grant.

After only a few months, the Capital Campaign has raised over $500,000, which is a great overall start for the campaign. However, the Challenge Grant for BMW CCA members and chapters is off to a slower start, with only a little over $12,000 in donations so far. This concerns us because the $250,000 Challenge Grant expires at the end of 2013.

The BMW CCA Foundation’s fundraising will benefit its transition to a larger building, which in turn, will let it better manage and grow its archives and library missions. This is important, but what really excites us about the Capital Campaign is its very strong emphasis on expanding the Street Survival program to more teen drivers and securing the future of the program.

BMW CCA chapters and volunteers were directly responsible for the early success of Street Survival. You set the standard for a program that is now recognized nationally as a leader in teen driving safety. Now, as the Foundation seeks to grow the program, it again looks to BMW CCA chapters and members to lead the way, and the perfect opportunity is the $250,000 Challenge Grant.

The Challenge Grant rules are simple. Every member who donates or signs a pledge to the Foundation before the end of the year, will have his or her contribution matched, dollar for dollar. Every contribution is worth double. All financial gifts are tax-deductible, as permitted by applicable law.

But the Challenge Grant also applies to BMW CCA chapters. We know that many chapters donate to charities, and some have already contributed to the BMW CCA Foundation and for that, we are very grateful. However, with the Challenge Grant in place only until the end of 2013, there is a brief but golden opportunity for chapters to make their contributions worth twice as much. Even more than twice actually, since chapter donations would also trigger the Foundation receiving a portion of the BMW CCA charity matching funds that we anticipate will be awarded in 2014 as in years past.

More information on the campaign is located online at

There will be special recognition. All chapters making contributions to the Foundation’s Capital Campaign will be recognized in the Foundation’s headquarters building on their Wall of Honor. However, the chapter donating the most in each chapter size category—small, medium, and large—will receive special recognition in the Foundation building, and will also be prominently announced and recognized in Roundel magazine, the weekly Roundel online, the BMW CCA and BMW CCA Foundation Web sites, and at Oktoberfest 2014 in Colorado.

It would be a shame to leave any of the $250,000 Challenge Grant matching funds on the table. Please help the Foundation, teens who are just beginning their motoring lives, and everyone who shares the road.

Want to Make Your Teens Safer, Smarter Drivers?

Want to Make Your Teens Safer, Smarter Drivers?

What: Tire Rack Street Survival® teen safe driving program for drivers ages 15-21

Who: Presented by the SCCA Foundation, a 501(c) (3) public charity, in partnership with Iowa Chapter BMW Club and Des Moines Valley Region SCCA.

Where: Iowa Speedway parking lot, 3333 Rusty Wallace Drive, Newton, IA

Why: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that approximately 80% of accidents among teenage drivers are caused by driver error. The Street Survival program has been designed to provide teenagers with the skills needed to avoid costly mistakes.

Street Survival takes teens well beyond basic Driver’s Education classes. It teaches them driving techniques on how to avoid accidents before they happen.

With Iowa winters and Iowa country roads, it just makes sense to enroll your teen.

How: Street Survival is a unique hands-on driving experience that puts each student behind the wheel of his or her own car along with a trained instructor. After classroom discussion, students go out on course with their instructors to practice the exercises. The instruction takes place on a closed, wetted-down parking lot, so students experience emergency driving situations in a controlled environment. We teach accident avoidance, skid control, emergency braking, and many other driving skills. Students get to practice maneuvers many times over to gain skills and learn from their own mistakes in this intense one day class.

When: Sunday, Oct 6, 2013, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Cost: $75 fee – includes in-car training, lunch, and a free family membership provided by the Sports Car Club of America.

To register: Visit to register or contact registrar Becky Brighton at for more information.

Registration deadline is Sep 30th, so hurry!

Spaces are limited. Register early!

Street Survival

Street Survival

Our Street survival event in Newton this Last May 18 was a resounding success. Our Thanks go to all the volunteers that help make this event take place. This was our first time at the Parking lot of the Newton Speedway. It turned out to be a fantastic place to hold an event of this nature. The weather was great too!

We had the students split into two groups so that one group was driving while the other was in class. In the classroom we were able to have a driving simulator set up so that the students could experience the consequence of distractions like cell phones etc, while in a safe environment. The Semi-truck was a big hit with the students as it really gave them a different perspective to see what the truck drivers can see from the cab of their trucks. Some students commented that they had no idea what it was like in a truck cab before and now know why a truck driver cannot always see them.

The majority of the comments we got back from the students focused around the fact that they all loved the driving time and wished there was more of it.

We had the students going around skid pads, running slaloms and testing their emergency stopping procedures. The Lane change and tail gating exercise really challenged some students that realized leaving a bit more space between other vehicles and driving a bit slower really is safer in some cases…

Overall it was a great day with students that all learned a lot and are now safer drivers.

Check out the great coverage we got from local TV station – Teens get street survival skills

Look for announcements about our Fall Street Survival event in future newsletters, or at our website.

Have a safe Summer

Jeff Daly | Driving Events Coordinator

Street Survival – Now Available in Spring!

Street Survival – Now Available in Spring!

For the last 8 years or so, we’ve had a Tire Rack® Street Survival teen driving safety course in Iowa each fall. We have a NEW angle on it this season – in addition to the fall events in the Des Moines and Quad Cities areas, we’re also doing a spring school at the Iowa Speedway parking lot in Newton.

Date for the event is Saturday, May 18. Our chapter is leading the effort on this one, with help from the Des Moines Valley SCCA folks for equipment and some volunteers. DMVR’s club racers will be competing on the infield road course that day, while we use the parking lots to teach teens to learn a lot more about car control and accident avoidance than they ever saw in driver’s education. Plans are to use a break in the racing action to also take the students out for a parade lap around the track behind the pace car!

The course is aimed at ages 15-21; students must either have a driver’s license or have held a learner’s permit for at least half of the period required before licensing by the state of issue. Students learn what it feels like when the car is about to lose traction, and learn how to avoid or correct the problem. Street Survival is an excellent prep for winter driving in Iowa, but also applies to many other instances where dealing with traction is an issue – gravel roads, rain, or emergency situations.

Check out for more information about the course. The site includes a very good video showing how the training is done in the student’s car by a trained instructor on a closed course.
Registration for students is on the Street Survival website under the Registration/School Schedule tab, Iowa Speedway student registration. For local information, the contact is registrar Becky Brighton (
Please help us to publicize the event to parents of potential students: contact friends, family, and co-workers who have young drivers in their households – the life you save may be theirs!

We are not going to have as many of the usual volunteers available from DMVR because of their race commitments this time. So we really need additional help from Iowa Chapter members as in-car instructors and as volunteer workers at the event. Please contact Becky or myself with any questions about how you can help or what it takes. Street Survival is a great way to contribute back to our communities – let’s all make it a ‘smashing’ (pun-only, not literal) success! Staff volunteers register on – look for it on their schedule as the Iowa Chapter event on May 18.

BMW CCA Club Racing Schools

BMW CCA Club Racing Schools

The BimmerWorld BMW CCA Club Racing School is specifically designed to transition the intermediate to advanced high-performance driving school driver from high performance driving to club level racing. Students are introduced to traffic, passing, and driving lines that they won’t get in the typical high performance driving school. The racing school goes beyond a high performance driving school in the areas of driver development and track experience.

Like driving schools, safety is the first priority. The BimmerWorld BMW CCA Club Racing School is similar to a high performance driving school with a two-day event. You drive your own car and track sessions are alternated with classroom sessions. While the instructors are ever vigilant, they don’t ride in the car with you. They are available to make observations from key points around the track and discussing them in the extensive classroom sessions which typically run three to four hours per day. The on-track exercises and lessons go far beyond anything you’ve experienced at a high performance driving school. The training includes vehicle preparation, driver development, rolling starts, restarts, passing, on-track space management and driving lines that don’t resemble that perfect driving school line. After each on-track session, the instructors and students review what transpired on the track. Sharing problems, making observations and reviewing mistakes as a group allows for different perspectives and enhances the learning environment. A considerable amount of effort is aimed at the mental aspects of racing and not just the mechanics of moving the car around the pavement.

The BimmerWorld BMW CCA Club Racing School isn’t just for the driver who thinks he or she is ready to hit the club racing circuit. It allows those drivers who want to advance their skill level beyond the driving school level, or those who are simply curious to learn about what’s involved in being a racecar driver, an opportunity to do so in a safe, controlled environment without making the full investment in racing safety equipment. The school teaches skills for an environment where the driving conditions are very different from the usual driving school situations. The school teaches you how to cope with congestion and traffic considerations unseen in driving school and how to drive your car on less than that “perfect” driving school line. The school develops situational awareness judgement skills in dealing with what the cars around you may be about to do.

Unlike the large variety of professional race schools, the BimmerWorld BMW CCA Club Racing School offers the opportunity to drive your own car. The experience is less expensive and more relevant to your actual driving situation. The school is designed as a learning experience and not a speed contest. The emphasis is on driver development, so race-prepared cars are not required and neither are driving suits, racing seats or harnesses. Only a driving school level helmet is required as well as a desire to learn.

Students at the school are observed on the track and monitored in the classroom for skill and awareness. Attitude plays a significant role in determining who graduates. Graduation from the BimmerWorld BMW CCA Club Racing school does not automatically qualify you for a BMW CCA Club Racing license, but if you meet the experience and other requirements you will be eligible for a rookie license and the opportunity to join the ranks of BMW CCA Club Racing which many consider to have the finest club racing level drivers in North America.

We welcome your participation! Contact us for further information. See YOU at the track soon!

For additional information on BMW club racing, please visit BMW Club Racing Website

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