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President’s Article January 2020

As I have discussed in this column during the last several years, our Club is in a state of flux with several changes coming down the pipe. Over the years, change has been necessary for our Club to remain viable, which has allowed the Club to grow and attract new members. After all, if a club or group does not change to meet the demands of the membership, it will wither and die.

Therefore, several new changes have been announced and discussed at the annual Chapter Congress recently held in Dallas. I will briefly try to summarize each of these changes here.

Due to declining advertising revenue from Roundel, because advertisers wish to advertise in electronic publications, dues will increase January 1, 2020 to $58 a year. You can renew for one year or multiple years prior to January 1.

BimmerLife will be a new publication from the National office. It will be a regional publication released two times a year with articles from each Chapter within a region. This action replaces the requirement that each Chapter publish a newsletter. Our chapter is still debating the future of NewsWerks and how it will look and be published.

Roundel will be reduced from 12 issues a year to 10 issues a year because of reduced advertising revenue. All print magazines and newspapers are experiencing this problem, so the BMW CCA is not immune.

Oktoberfest will change in some way, especially the name. The BMW CCA will continue to offer a national event annually that will be closely related to the past 50 Oktoberfests, but the final format is still in discussion. Possible changes are a shorter event with more ala carte choices for meals and events. These changes have been discussed for several years now, but as our forefathers said, “let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

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