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President’s Article September 2019

Recently I received a phone call from my service advisor at BMW of Des Moines concerning a recall which had just been placed on my e92 M3. I told the service advisor on the phone that I had not received a letter yet advising me of the recall. I was told that this information had just been released and that they were making courtesy calls to get the affected vehicles taken care of as soon as possible. Therefore, I made an appointment that was convenient to my work schedule and made plans for the trip to Des Moines. Although BMW of DM has a pick-up and delivery service, I enjoy the drive and getting out of town for a while. I also really like to look at the new BMWs and visit with the folks running the show there. I typically purchase a new BMW shirt or two to advertise my fondness for the brand.

Unfortunately, the new replacement part for my M3 did not get ordered and was not available when I arrived. Instead of sending me home, they offered a loaner for the weekend. I was the proud recipient of a brand new X3 with 300 miles on the clock. Since it would take a couple of days to get the parts and get them installed, I would need to keep the loaner for several days.

Over the past several years, I have needed a loaner several times when my BMWs have needed to stay for a few days for work. During those times, I have always taken home a loaner which was nicer than the car I dropped off.

It is those great business practices that keeps me coming back to BMW of Des Moines for their first-rate service and spreading the fact that customers always get taken care of very well at BMW of Des Moines.

I hope all of our members sample the fine service and atmosphere at all of our Iowa BMW dealers.

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