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President’s Article March 2021

It’s been nearly a year now since we have had any substantial Club activities, minus one tech session late last fall.

Our Board of Directors has planned a full calendar of events for this upcoming year, and I think most of us are ready to get back out and get involved with face-to-face activities again. Most of us joined this Club to become involved with the events and activities of the Club, and really, that is what our Cub is all about. As people get vaccinated and the health situation begins to get back to normal, I hope we will see a large number of members attending our events again.

What we took for granted has been taken away from us for a while, so when some events and activities begin to resume, I hope our members will be appreciative of what we will be able to do again. I am certainly looking forward to attending Club activities and events again and will not take anything we do for granted. I am looking forward to seeing many of you out to our events and activities soon.

Please continue to visit our website for upcoming events, activities and news from the club.

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