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Want to Make Your Teens Safer, Smarter Drivers?

What: Tire Rack Street Survival® teen safe driving program for drivers ages 15-21

Who: Presented by the SCCA Foundation, a 501(c) (3) public charity, in partnership with Iowa Chapter BMW Club and Des Moines Valley Region SCCA.

Where: Iowa Speedway parking lot, 3333 Rusty Wallace Drive, Newton, IA

Why: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that approximately 80% of accidents among teenage drivers are caused by driver error. The Street Survival program has been designed to provide teenagers with the skills needed to avoid costly mistakes.

Street Survival takes teens well beyond basic Driver’s Education classes. It teaches them driving techniques on how to avoid accidents before they happen.

With Iowa winters and Iowa country roads, it just makes sense to enroll your teen.

How: Street Survival is a unique hands-on driving experience that puts each student behind the wheel of his or her own car along with a trained instructor. After classroom discussion, students go out on course with their instructors to practice the exercises. The instruction takes place on a closed, wetted-down parking lot, so students experience emergency driving situations in a controlled environment. We teach accident avoidance, skid control, emergency braking, and many other driving skills. Students get to practice maneuvers many times over to gain skills and learn from their own mistakes in this intense one day class.

When: Sunday, Oct 6, 2013, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Cost: $75 fee – includes in-car training, lunch, and a free family membership provided by the Sports Car Club of America.

To register: Visit to register or contact registrar Becky Brighton at for more information.

Registration deadline is Sep 30th, so hurry!

Spaces are limited. Register early!

Street Survival

Our Street survival event in Newton this Last May 18 was a resounding success. Our Thanks go to all the volunteers that help make this event take place. This was our first time at the Parking lot of the Newton Speedway. It turned out to be a fantastic place to hold an event of this nature. The weather was great too!

We had the students split into two groups so that one group was driving while the other was in class. In the classroom we were able to have a driving simulator set up so that the students could experience the consequence of distractions like cell phones etc, while in a safe environment. The Semi-truck was a big hit with the students as it really gave them a different perspective to see what the truck drivers can see from the cab of their trucks. Some students commented that they had no idea what it was like in a truck cab before and now know why a truck driver cannot always see them.

The majority of the comments we got back from the students focused around the fact that they all loved the driving time and wished there was more of it.

We had the students going around skid pads, running slaloms and testing their emergency stopping procedures. The Lane change and tail gating exercise really challenged some students that realized leaving a bit more space between other vehicles and driving a bit slower really is safer in some cases…

Overall it was a great day with students that all learned a lot and are now safer drivers.

Check out the great coverage we got from local TV station – Teens get street survival skills

Look for announcements about our Fall Street Survival event in future newsletters, or at our website.

Have a safe Summer

Jeff Daly | Driving Events Coordinator

Tire Rack Street Survival School

Tire Rack has joined with the non-profit BMW CCA Foundation to bring the Tire Rack Street Survival teen driving program to the nation. Through the volunteer efforts of members of the BMW Car Club of America, the Sports Car Club of America, the Mercedes-Benz Club of America and the Porsche Club of America as well as other automotive enthusiasts who serve as the personal coach with each teen, over 85 schools will be held across the U.S. this year.

It’s about more than DRIVING. It’s about LIVING!

The school’s aim is to reduce deadly car crashes involving teenagers by providing them a controlled setting where they can gain invaluable experience in car control, all with a knowledgeable coach always at their side helping them to understand how important experience is over guessing when the unexpected happens on the road. The volunteers donate their time and talents to help our most valuable resource – our youth. Students will gain experience that will allow them to make educated decisions when driving, rather than guessing what to do. This class could be a factor of life or death for the drivers, their passengers and others on the road. Licensed or permitted drivers ages 15-21 are allowed to participate in the school.

What to Expect?

  • Primary emphasis of the school is a “hands-on” driving experience in real-world situations.
  • Driving is done in the student’s own car to teach him/her about its handling limits and how to control them.
  • Qualified coaches are in the car with the student throughout the entire day.
  • The course is partially wet down to allow the student to experience “mistakes” at a very slow speed. In this class, mistakes are learning experiences.
  • Challenging driving courses are created in a controlled area to allow the student to experience abnormal car behavior and then teach him/her how to handle the new situation.
  • This is not a course for learning how to drive at high speeds. Safety and car control are the objectives.
  • The driver must be a minimum of 15 years old (regardless of the minimum age for the state issuing the permit) and have had a permit for a minimum of ½ the time required by the state holding jurisdiction over that permit, (not the state that the school is located in) i.e. if the permit must be held for 6 months before the driver can take their driving test, then the student must have had the permit a minimum of 3 months.

For detailed information, school calendar/locations, rules and example course visit

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